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Our vision is creating golf swing analysis hardware and cloud-based software that provides detailed and powerful metrics for teaching professionals, club fitters, and avid golfers passionate to develop a consistent and reliable swing required to play better golf at any skill level.

Latest Golf Swing Analyzer with Integrated Launch Monitor

eSwing Golf equipment combines Ultrasonic, High-speed camera and Infrared Sensors to deliver a unique, first in the world, Opto-Acoustic technology.

Unmatched Advantages

eSwing Analyzer is the most affordable Golf Swing Analyzer with Integrated Launch Monitor, equipped for incredible reliability and highly accurate analysis.

Discover the latest Golf Swing Analyzer combining the power of camera vision technology
with its Integrated Launch Monitor

eSwing Golf Technologies introduces one of the most affordable Integrated golf swing analyzers with remarkable reliability and accuracy. Experience a top-tier golf swing analyzer with Integrated Launch Monitor, using the unique Opto-Acoustic Patented Technology.

eSwing Golf

eSwing Analyzer with Integrated Launch Monitor

Below are some of the features that help us stand out from the rest of the competitive golf analyzing market.


The eSwing Analyzer is a compact and portable device that can be taken to your favorite course or indoor range.


The eSwing analyzer sells as a bundle package (including swing analyzer, launch monitor, stance pad, and software) as low as $1995.


Our patented and validated technology, delivers highly accurate ball and club metrics.


Indoor/Outdoor Use

Due to its size, portability, and fully equipped nature, the eSwing Analyzer is capable of indoor and outdoor use for year-round accessibility.


Swing away, our analyzer compression molded with non-skid, tough and durable materials, was built to last.


The eSwing patented technology utilizes some of the latest technology available in the golf industry.

Data Tracked
Cloud Data Access
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eSwing Data

Here's what we track

Launch Angle

Initial Ball Velocity

Spin rate

Angle of Attack

Smash Factor

Club Head Velocity

Club Face Angle

Club Path Angle

Swing Tempo

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eSwing Mobile Application

Optimized for iOS, Android & Touch Enabled Devices.

Another feature that helps eSwing Analyzer technology stand out from the competition is our mobile app development and capabilities. Our app helps connect your mobile device to our mobile device, ensuring continued shot tracking, as well as saving the data to review at your discretion. The app is a free download from your respective mobile store and comes with 100 free shots. Additional shot credits can be purchased through the application, pricing out at a rate of $.005 per 10,000 shots, or $.03 per 100 shots each.

Meet Our Founders

Rick Plank

Rick Plank

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) &
Harshil Haumeer

Harshil Haumeer

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & CoFounder